I suspect you too have wondered what’s going on with all the health news that seem to contradict each other: coffee is good for you, coffee is not good for you; butter is good for you, butter is not good for you. How do you make sense of it and how do you make decisions?

Health News Review was the website that helped me understand that

  • Most health journalism is done in search of high ratings and maximizing the number of clicks. Titles are purposely sensational and the content does not have all the details either.
  • Our bodies are complex and it’s very difficult to study them. You can’t really control for everything that is happening to us. Studies need to be long term, done on a lot of different people and this makes them expensive and lengthy. 

HealthNewsReview.org taught me how to look at health news critically. After 12 years, they don’t have enough funding to continue. At Woodbridge to Health I will strive to keep the standard high on what articles and studies we share and to teach others how to do it too. 

Check the website! You can just click a story or listen to a Podcast, but before you go away, check the About Us menu item to understand how their approach is different from everything else you read these days. The Toolkit will give you the tools to evaluate any heath news article that you read.  

Here’s an excerpt from a recent article that opens up our eyes to why the sites that do quality health journalism are failing, but it’s worth reading it all. The website will stay active for us to learn. 

With its unprecedented 12-year output of reviews, blog posts and podcasts that critically appraise health care media messages, our project has cultivated an audience that is hungry for quality health news — not the rehashed PR that so often passes for journalism these days.

We’ve also provided a roadmap and many of the resources journalists need to tell the important stories in health care. We offer tools to help readers sort through the tsunami of not-ready-for-primetime health news that threatens to swamp them every day.

My hope is that more readers, inspired and educated by our example, will demand a higher level of quality from their news sources.

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