My latest endeavor is pole dancing. I’m terrible at it, but I know I’ll do it better, I get a kick out of it and it’s physically challenging. I could also use a bit of grace and yes, it’s sensual, and I felt funny about that at first.

I had that feeling that I don’t really belong here: why am I here? This was a big mistake. And then it happened… the coach – just another women when I first met her – transcended and got us engaged and encouraged us to try new things, pushed us through difficulties, challenged our beliefs that we will never get to do this one and celebrated each time we got something right.

As I am writing this, I have a friend that will keep me accountable to have something written today. I sat down at my desk trying to write for weeks, and I never got around to doing it until I found someone to help me do it. Just a tiny bit of accountability is enough to get me moving forward.

In May, I did a marketing course (altMBA with Seth Godin‘s team). It was a wonderful course that I warmly recommend to anyone wanting to make a change in the world. But, the surprising part was how easy it was to get each of us to help and coach each other. We just needed to be encouraged to be generous and open to feedback.

We need to get and stay healthy. We can help each other. We can do it by simply being present with each other, being generous and being open to new ideas and feedback.

For the hard stuff, the transitions, that time you are stuck, when you need an idea of how to advance or someone to help you keep on track, we need more talented coaches. Let’s figure out together who those people are in our neighborhood. Not everyone will work for all of us, but if someone helped you, there’s a good chance that they might help someone else too.

Here in Woodbridge, do you have a doctor, coach, trainer, instructor, physical therapist, chiropractor, etc. that made a difference in your life, especially with your health? Did you understand something new? Did you feel your money was well spent? Maybe you didn’t have to pay anything, and it was just a generous gesture… Let us know! We want to hear!

If you want to submit an answer, but do not want your name on the site, please email me at and I will post for you.

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